Meditation Benefits

I feel that meditation helps in so many ways for different reasons for a range of people.

Here are a few

  • It makes you happier
  • Improves your memory
  • Makes you feel more grateful
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves sleep
  • Improves concentration
  • Encourages mindfulness
  • Improves sex life
  • Helps in fighting addiction and fears
  • It’s free to do
  • You can do it anywhere you like
  • Any time meditating is better than no time

I have a few apps on my phone I use for meditation. One is called sleep timer that plays soothing sounds like waves or crackling fires or if you want someone doing a guided meditation the insight timer app is fab and has the best free version available.


Body positivity challenge Day 31

Made it to the end of the month and did it every day… Proud of me 😁

The last day is

Share a photo of you with no make up on.

This is last year but I thought it was funny with my sudocrem on my spots not giving a monkeys ass what I looked like 🙈

How different I look now.

Anyways thank you for following me along this challenge it’s been very uplifting and I think I love my body that bit more than I did before.

I am going to continue to blog on here every day even if its only a random Chit chat or a few lines.

See you in my next post.

Body positivity challenge day 28

Share one of your favourite body confidence quotes

This one really gets you putting your mind into thinking about what you think about you and not what someone on social media is portraying.

I hate the words fat and thin as they make people upset more than uplift.

Skin/body confidence is something you need to own to be a happy chappy.

Body positivity challenge Day 23


I try to keep things happy and on a whole positive about my body. Even if I am having a bad day with it I’ll try and turn it into a better one.

I tend to follow people who don’t talk bad about theirs as it can just set you up for looking negatively on your own body.

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend 😘

Body positivity challenge Day 22

What would you have said to your younger self that would help your body confidence for future you?

I would have said:

Don’t let anyone tell you how to dress, how thin you need to be, or how you need to speak to your body.

You are fabulous the way you are. If you are happy with how your body is don’t change it.

Too many people try to control people’s minds about how they see that persons body. It’s your body so never let anyone dictate how you should treat it.

Love your body and it’ll love you back 😘