Body positivity challenge Day 16

Why is body positivity important to you?

  • Loving yourself allows others to love you too .
  • You’ll inspire others to be body positive
  • Accepting yourself as you are is a brave thing to do
  • Having curves gives me confidence
  • Liking who you are when you look in the mirror is a wonderful feeling


Body positivity challenge day 15

Got some thinking to do in this one today and be really confident about.

Finish the sentence


My curves make me womanly

I guess I give off a sensual aura about me at times – big flirty

My body is not perfect but it’s as perfect to me as it’s going to be

I’m proud of all my body’s been through

I am all about empowering other women to love their bodies too.

We are half way through and I really am loving my body more than I did on day one.

Body positivity challenge Day 10

Today I’m going to share some confidence tips with you


  • Don’t focus on what other people’s bodies look like
  • Focus on the things you like about your appearance
  • Each day say one thing you like about yourself
  • Focus on accomplishments you have to do with who you are as a person not what you look like
  • Understand that those images you see online /on the tele or in a magazine has been altered. It’s not as it seems.
  • You don’t need any validation from anyone to make you feel good
  • Accept that nobody else is perfect and to love your flaws and Uniqueness.

Til tomoro my beauts 😘

Body positivity challenge Day 9

Today is all about letting your self go and not caring about a thing.

It was either singing or dancing and I thought miming would count too.

This video was the other night and yes that’s my fluffy pen I’m using as a microphone 😂

Please don’t judge me 😂