Bedtime thoughts

So from the title you can probably guess that I’m in my bed curled up. Not comfortably because of surgery but curled up all the same.

So I just watched this programme on channel 4 called naked beach. Getting 3 individuals to have body confidence and maybe by the end of the week (episode) you see if they’ve built up the courage and confidence to bear all. There is 8 positive mentors I guess you could call them that.

It gave me food for thought, about how to appreciate my own body. I know it’s going to always have a bag on it but to love my body I have to look past my extra bit I have now and embrace my scars, stretch marks and my wobbly bits. I always think it’s better to have a bit of curvage about you.

Once it’s lost its swollen /bloatedness I’ll be taking a pic for my scrapbook for sure.

Be proud of all your body can do. Celebrate it.


Sod Off Anxiety

I love writing poetry and this one came into my head before bed so thought I’d share

Life with anxiety if you can relate

Is the most annoying illness there is to date

It ruins your plans when you are super keen

Why does it have to be so mean?

It makes you feel like your losing your mind

You’re searching for breath you think you can’t find

You search for an escape from this thing you call hell

Oh why oh why does it make you feel unwell

Look here anxiety you aren’t all that

Making people feel like they have been hit hard with a bat

A feeling not a lot can explain

Just leave us alone and don’t come back here again

If you are a sufferer of anxiety, please know you are not alone.