Body positivity challenge Day 31

Made it to the end of the month and did it every day… Proud of me 😁

The last day is

Share a photo of you with no make up on.

This is last year but I thought it was funny with my sudocrem on my spots not giving a monkeys ass what I looked like 🙈

How different I look now.

Anyways thank you for following me along this challenge it’s been very uplifting and I think I love my body that bit more than I did before.

I am going to continue to blog on here every day even if its only a random Chit chat or a few lines.

See you in my next post.

Body positivity challenge Day 27

Compare a pic 10 years apart

So this was me in 2009. I was quite underweight as you can see by my thin arms.

Obviously me now

I will put an updated full length soon. You’ve all seen my bikini one at the beginning of the challenge that’s about all that I have since my op and hair chopped that’s full length.

Body positivity challenge Day 14

All about compliments today.

What compliment do you get frequently about a part of your body?

I generally get alot of compliments on my eyes and I think it’s because they are green and you don’t have as many green eyes that you do brown or blue.

Eyes are friendly, they speak sometimes when you don’t know what to say, they say it all.