Body positivity challenge Day 17

Share a song that makes you feel powerful as a woman

This song always gets me in a good mood and it’s all about being a confident woman 🙋🏼‍♀️


Body positivity challenge Day 12

How do you keep a positive self image?

After years of being bullied at school and not being able to look in the mirror and feel beautiful I now can look in it as much as I want and smile because I like my reflection now more than ever.

Body positivity challenge Day 10

Today I’m going to share some confidence tips with you


  • Don’t focus on what other people’s bodies look like
  • Focus on the things you like about your appearance
  • Each day say one thing you like about yourself
  • Focus on accomplishments you have to do with who you are as a person not what you look like
  • Understand that those images you see online /on the tele or in a magazine has been altered. It’s not as it seems.
  • You don’t need any validation from anyone to make you feel good
  • Accept that nobody else is perfect and to love your flaws and Uniqueness.

Til tomoro my beauts 😘

Body positivity challenge Day 9

Today is all about letting your self go and not caring about a thing.

It was either singing or dancing and I thought miming would count too.

This video was the other night and yes that’s my fluffy pen I’m using as a microphone 😂

Please don’t judge me 😂

Body positivity challenge Day 7

Today touches on being brave

Share a photo you wouldn’t usually because of an insecurity

Through having spots at school and being picked on severely, I guess I tend to hide behind a mask of make up. Also I don’t have a the smallest of foreheads (full of brains I tell people)

This photo was taken last year before I had my hair cut up shorter.

Sometimes sharing an insecurity about yourself may alleviate the worry you have about it.

Body positivity challenge Day 6

Todays post is all about clothes and confidence

What piece of clothing makes you feel confident?

Since having my bladder removed, I feel alot more confident in my knickers even if I’m around the house with just my underwear after a shower I feel liberated. Weird as it sounds.

Have the confidence to do that, it’s your house and your body so who’s to judge.

See you here tomoro 😘