Blogtober: Something tasty

Share your favourite soup

Oh wow my mum makes a mean one of these and this time of year is all about warming your insides as much as the outside.

Butternut squash and sweet potato soup is just yummy 😍

You will need:

Cook potato and butternut squash until soft, chop and fry onions and cook garlic cloves, add vegetable stock and double cream and blend to desired consistency.

Heat up of course unless you are a cold soup fan.

Add a bread roll if you like too.


Spiritual September

I want to carry on with the looking after myself and wellbeing as I found it quite beneficial.

I am a newbie to the spirituality side of things. I have always been really intrigued by it all.

So for the whole of sept I am going to explore it a bit more.

Catch up with me daily as I try different things and talk about my findings

This will range from

  • dreams
  • Chakra
  • tarot cards/reading
  • Moon phases
  • Pendulum questions
  • Crystals
  • Quotes
  • Mindfulness
  • Witchcraft
  • Intuition and vibration
  • Law of attraction

It won’t be a challenge so the title will be whatever its about that day.

See you tomoro 😘

Body positivity challenge Day 31

Made it to the end of the month and did it every day… Proud of me 😁

The last day is

Share a photo of you with no make up on.

This is last year but I thought it was funny with my sudocrem on my spots not giving a monkeys ass what I looked like 🙈

How different I look now.

Anyways thank you for following me along this challenge it’s been very uplifting and I think I love my body that bit more than I did before.

I am going to continue to blog on here every day even if its only a random Chit chat or a few lines.

See you in my next post.

Body positivity challenge Day 18

Describe the relationship with your body…

On a whole I love the outside of my body… I’m not model material but I don’t ever strive to be that. Plus I enjoy my food too much 🙈 a UK size 12 is good enough for me.

The inside of my body needs to get better then I’ll love it even more than I already do