Hello Mr Moon

Let’s talk moons

Full moon half moon total eclipse (the Jaffa cake advert if you remember)

Ok so let’s talk through the phases and the meanings

New beginnings – time for a clean slate, start to gather your thoughts and plan

Set intentions – send your hopes and desires into the world

Take action – when you face obstacles, do not waver. It’s a time for pushing forward

Refine and hone – observe and align your hopes within the universe

Harvest endeavors – a time to harvest the intentions and wishes of past moons

Introspect – turn inwards. Think about your goals and be grateful

Release and let go – let go of habits that do you no favours

Surrender – recuperate and rest. It’s ok to feel empty sometimes

Then the phases start again


What kind of sign are you?

You may think this is all a load of mumbo jumbo or say yeah that’s exactly me

so I’ll let you decide

In a few days I’ll divulge a bit more into star signs / zodiac signs.

I just thought I’d do a short and sweet one for now.