Body positivity challenge Day 17

Share a song that makes you feel powerful as a woman

This song always gets me in a good mood and it’s all about being a confident woman 🙋🏼‍♀️


Body positivity challenge Day 16

Why is body positivity important to you?

  • Loving yourself allows others to love you too .
  • You’ll inspire others to be body positive
  • Accepting yourself as you are is a brave thing to do
  • Having curves gives me confidence
  • Liking who you are when you look in the mirror is a wonderful feeling

Body positivity challenge day 15

Got some thinking to do in this one today and be really confident about.

Finish the sentence


My curves make me womanly

I guess I give off a sensual aura about me at times – big flirty

My body is not perfect but it’s as perfect to me as it’s going to be

I’m proud of all my body’s been through

I am all about empowering other women to love their bodies too.

We are half way through and I really am loving my body more than I did on day one.

Body positivity challenge Day 14

All about compliments today.

What compliment do you get frequently about a part of your body?

I generally get alot of compliments on my eyes and I think it’s because they are green and you don’t have as many green eyes that you do brown or blue.

Eyes are friendly, they speak sometimes when you don’t know what to say, they say it all.

Body positivity challenge Day 13

Todays question will be controversial… Some of you may agree some may not

Give some advice on Dieting?

OK well I think if you do the 80/20 rule. So eat healthier 5 days and then be a bit naughty the other two then you are giving your body what It needs.

Of course you can eat what the hell you like and not listen to my theory.

Don’t be defined by fad diets or the number on the scales. Just do you.