Law of attraction

How the law of attraction works

I am still new to this but this is how I’d put it

  1. Create a clear vision of what you want
  2. Connect with the universe ( keeping your focus )
  3. Feel grateful for everything
  4. Surrender the outcome
  5. Trust in divine timing ( good things will come to you )

Rhonda Byrne bought out ‘The Secret’ to spread the word on how you too could have what you wish and dream for in life. There is also a documentary on it too which explains it in just as much detail as the book but some people digest things verbally so that would be ideal.

I found this challenge you can try to start your journey on law of attraction.

You can save it and use it when you like

(if you are reading this on the reader the challenge will show smaller… Just press hold and save 😊)

I hope you understand it a little better than you did in yesterday’s post.

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