May Goals

I thought since I am feeling a bit better I should try and set some goals for this month

❤️ Start writing a page a night for my book I’m going to publish about anxiety and mental health.

❤️ Swap my winter wardrobe over for my summer onsombles.

❤️ Really pay attention to my skincare and keep to a daily routine ( I’ll keep you updated on the skin front)

❤️ Look for inspiration for giving my room a makeover – Pinterest is always a good place to start.

❤️ Take more photos and put some effort into my social media platforms. I don’t care about who likes it I just want to put good stuff out there for me, so I can see what I’ve done…like a memory timeline type thing.

❤️ Keep a positive head on because nobody gets anywhere with a negative attitude

There you go I think they will be manageable.

In a month you’ll know if I’ve conquered them all.

Much loves and I’ll see you in my next post.

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