Bedtime thoughts

So from the title you can probably guess that I’m in my bed curled up. Not comfortably because of surgery but curled up all the same.

So I just watched this programme on channel 4 called naked beach. Getting 3 individuals to have body confidence and maybe by the end of the week (episode) you see if they’ve built up the courage and confidence to bear all. There is 8 positive mentors I guess you could call them that.

It gave me food for thought, about how to appreciate my own body. I know it’s going to always have a bag on it but to love my body I have to look past my extra bit I have now and embrace my scars, stretch marks and my wobbly bits. I always think it’s better to have a bit of curvage about you.

Once it’s lost its swollen /bloatedness I’ll be taking a pic for my scrapbook for sure.

Be proud of all your body can do. Celebrate it.

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