Recovery and getting back to normality

Hey my beauties,

Sorry for kind of deserting ‘The Diary Of A Pinkaholic. Once I had my surgery on the 18th I was literally doped up on morphine and in la la land for the first week. I couldn’t move very well and the anaesthetic was giving me pain as it tried to work its way out of my body. I was irritated to fook so as soon as i felt I could I came off the strong pain killers and I am now on paracetamol as and when.

I had a huge anxiety attack the beginning of the second week, the biggest I’ve had in the 18 years of suffering with anxiety. I seriously thought this is it.

So once I was fit for discharge on day 10 it was like I can’t bloody wait for my own creature comforts and my bed.

I have had my ups and downs since I’ve been home but it’s still very early days so can’t expect miracles.

They say 6-8 weeks to feel semi normal but I wasn’t ever normal in the beginning ha ha.

Anyways I’ll leave it there for today and I’ll be back in a few days

Much love 💕

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