I have some news

For weeks and weeks I’ve been waiting for a phone call or letter from the hospital and the weird this is…. i said to Mum I had a funny feeling it would be today I’d hear and it was 😯 am I psychic or what.

So I am having my bladder removed in just under 2 weeks. After 7 years of it being a pain and rather dysfunctional, I’ll be glad to see the back of it.

If course I’m scared but it’s something I’m hoping will be the best thing to help me.

A friend who I’ve met through having bladder problems (not actually met she lives in the Isle of Wight) sent me this

I think it’s so pretty and it’ll be better to have that to look at rather than a bag of wee 🙈

I’ll keep you updated over the next week or so how my nerves are and how I’m preparing for it, I wanna try and still blog when I can in hospital.

Anyways it’s been a long day gonna hit the hay, whether I nod off quickly is another matter.

3 thoughts on “I have some news

  1. Gertrude T Kitty says:

    About to go to sleep too but read your blog and love how you take sensitive issues in your stride. It’s International Women’s Day tomorrow and I think you are a strong, positive, warm young woman. It’s like you know you’ve a great life to live and if an obstacle needs to be dealt with you go for it. I’m sure you’ve had more than your share of bad days but you are a positive role model 🌸

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    • Holly says:

      Ahhh Gerty this is such a lovely comment to read just before I go to bed. I do try not to let things get me down as it won’t help the situation. You are an inspirational woman too and one awesome writer. Hope you have a restful sleep. Much love to you xx

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