Be inspired on a Monday

It’s rare on a Monday morning that you feel inspired.

So the thing to do is to get a list of uplifting things you want to include the night before aka Sunday . That way you’ll have an idea what to do with the week ahead.

I woke up in a happy mood even though it was peeing down outside. I wasn’t going to let that make me miserable.

I put some music on and got singing along as i done my writing.

A knock at the door came…it was the postie with a parcel of some underwear I’m going to be featuring on my main blog HOLZIELOVES in the next week or two. Im excited.

It fits a treat so that kept the smile on my face.

Well I’m going for an early night I’m chilly willy, so pjs and hot water bottle and bed.

Til tomoro my loves…night night xxx

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