It’s the company you keep

I had a few hours out this afternoon sipping on my squash as still can’t have no alcohol. I really don’t mind – burnt my back in the process though… Silly girl.

Anyway I sat there in the garden of where I was drinking and I just appreciated the company I had around me. They are people that I’ve known most of my life. You know the times where you really laugh out loud and just feel yourself that was definitely this afternoon.

I really think if you keep good company you’ll always have happy times

I hope you’ve all had a fab Saturday.

Best get my head down on my pillow it’s nearly midnight… Night night xxx

Getting prepared

Well I know she’s on her way I’ve been tearful, angry headed and just a boater 🙈

I would rather she didn’t visit but I guess it’s healthier to have one so you know your reproductive organs are working well.

To prepare for the week here are some essentials I make sure get me through my monthly.

If you are a man reading this think yourself lucky you don’t have the blob ( if you live with us though we will make sure you know all about it and suffer too 😂)

However still gonna keep smiling cos nobody likes a miserable cow.

A change can do you good

Changing a small thing can make quite a difference

I was in two minds what to do with my annoying bob, should I persevere and grow my hair or chop it off… Think you probably have guessed I went for the chop.

Here is the before and after

I think it’s really altered my face and I actually look my age. It’s so easy to manage too so it’s a win win isn’t it?

Have you made any small changes lately that you’re glad you did?

See you in my next post xxx

Let’s start with sorry 🙈

I’m so sorry it’s been about a month since I last wrote on this blog that’s supposed to be a diary.

Do I make it a daily/weekly diary? I dunno. But I find writing therapeutic so I should make use of

The diary of a pinkaholic.

So keep your eyes peeled here and fingers crossed I’ll put as much goings on as I can.

It’ll be interesting I promise you 😘

Just a shortie…. Like me.

Lots of love xx

M.E and me

So today is M.E AWARENESS DAY.

What is that I hear you say. It stands for myalgic encephalomyelitis. It’s not just chronic fatigue as many people think it is.

I have had this illness since 2014 and it literally zaps the life out of you and makes you not able to function including trying to communicate as you have no strength. My symptoms can vary, the most one that affects me is losing my voice for weeks at a time and brain fog when you know what you want to say but you just can’t muster up how to put what you want to say across.

I learn how to pace myself and do little bits and take a little break and if I’m having a big flare sometimes bed for a week is needed.

I’ll leave you with a few Pinterest finds

Invisible illnesses really do need to be more recognised all over the world.

Try to be a supportive person to those who need it whatever their illnesses are.

May Goals

I thought since I am feeling a bit better I should try and set some goals for this month

❤️ Start writing a page a night for my book I’m going to publish about anxiety and mental health.

❤️ Swap my winter wardrobe over for my summer onsombles.

❤️ Really pay attention to my skincare and keep to a daily routine ( I’ll keep you updated on the skin front)

❤️ Look for inspiration for giving my room a makeover – Pinterest is always a good place to start.

❤️ Take more photos and put some effort into my social media platforms. I don’t care about who likes it I just want to put good stuff out there for me, so I can see what I’ve done…like a memory timeline type thing.

❤️ Keep a positive head on because nobody gets anywhere with a negative attitude

There you go I think they will be manageable.

In a month you’ll know if I’ve conquered them all.

Much loves and I’ll see you in my next post.

When writing touches the heart

This is exactly how I feel like when I write, I want it to touch someone in one way or another. Never to make anyone cry of course but if it’s a lesson to be learnt or a story to make you aware I can’t promise that it won’t bring a little tear. But genuinely I love to bring you happiness and sometimes educate you on things I’ve learnt that I think will value you.

Write from the heart to touch someone’s heart, it makes it all worthwhile.