Treats, triumphs and a throwback

Today i actually took the bull by the horns and went out in my wheelchair…and not just any wheelchair but my electric one that I’ve had little confidence to go out on it of late. – if you didn’t know i suffer with temporary body paralysis so it’s much needed.

I also for the last 3 years haven’t had a TV in my room – because there was no ariel port until today i treated myself to a really good portable ariel and a new TV, all singing and all dancing. Im a happy girly.

Tried YouTube on it ( sophdoesnails)

Can’t bloody wait to shower, wash my hair and curl up, even though its been a sunny day it’s nippy nip nips.

Hope you’ve all had a good day.

I’ll leave you with a throwback pic since it’s Thursday

Cute wasn’t i in my christening gown.

Til my next post

Much love xx

Creative old soul

I have always loved getting super crafty and creative. I however lost my mojo with it last year and I’m just starting to fall in love with it again.

So this evening before I close my peepers I’m going to add at least 10 ideas to my DIY Pinterest board. Then once i decide what to do first then I’ll get buying some crafty bits.

Of course I’ll share what i make with you but promise you wont laugh.

Here’s one thing I’m definitely going to make my best friend with my own personal touch.

Nighty night my loves xx

Be inspired on a Monday

It’s rare on a Monday morning that you feel inspired.

So the thing to do is to get a list of uplifting things you want to include the night before aka Sunday . That way you’ll have an idea what to do with the week ahead.

I woke up in a happy mood even though it was peeing down outside. I wasn’t going to let that make me miserable.

I put some music on and got singing along as i done my writing.

A knock at the door came…it was the postie with a parcel of some underwear I’m going to be featuring on my main blog HOLZIELOVES in the next week or two. Im excited.

It fits a treat so that kept the smile on my face.

Well I’m going for an early night I’m chilly willy, so pjs and hot water bottle and bed.

Til tomoro my loves…night night xxx

Sleepy head show me my bed

Well i have done alot of sleeping today.

There is a reason for it though.

First of all my friend knocked the door last night and we talked into the early hours.

Always make time for your friends when they need you so they can return the favour if you ever need them.

I had slept in majorly, like 1pm. I haven’t slept too great this week so maybe it was catch up time.

Lack of food/drink because i haven’t mastered the art of doing that in my sleep caused me to have a headache.

After i was fed and watered i slept again and luckily the headaches nearly gone.

I bet you i won’t be able to sleep tonight for love or money.

what am I thinking?


So unless you follow my other blog HOLZIELOVES then you will be totally unaware that I am using this blog as a daily what’s on my mind and what things I think will inspire you, make you think or make you laugh.

I have always been in love with writing and thought that having an outlet that is not so structured as I keep my main blog then I can just be a bit for flexible on here and say what’s going on whenever my fingers wanna do the talking.

I’d love for you to join me along this journey we call life and if I can help you in any way I will, cos that’s just the type of girl I am.

So I’ll keep it short and sweet…like me… I am only 5ft 3 😂

See you tomoro my lovelies xx

(ps: I did try this blog out for a week over on Wix but I love WordPress too much so here I am )